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How to open a BIN file on your Windows/ MAC

Updated: Nov 30, 2022


A BIN file is a kind of outdated way of storing data. BIN files can't be read by word processors or

PDF readers. BIN files may contain important data though. They can be used to create disc images. They can also include other kinds of data like music and videos.

how to open a bin file

If you need to open a BIN, or binary file for work, you need to understand the ways you can do that. We will discuss how to open a BIN file easily on your windows or mac system.

How To open BIN file in Windows

Bin files may not be as common as they once were with the advent of new technology and formats. Fortunately, Windows still has some tools you need to open and view BIN files. You can even extract important files or executable ones, that can help you install a program on your system.

To open a BIN file on your system, you can burn it to a disc or mount it to a virtual drive like MagicISO.


Insert a blank disc

Insert a blank disc into your computer's disc drive. You can usually find this drive on the side of a laptop or the front of a computer cabinet, where you can push a small button to eject the drive and place your disc. A blank disc is always preferred for this task.

Find the CUE File

If you want to burn a BIN file, you may have to find the related CUE file.

A CUE file (Closed User Group) is a metadata plain-text file that contains information about the tracks on an audio compact disc.

CUE files are generally placed in the same folder as the corresponding BIN file. They have the .cue extension.

After you’ve found the CUE file, be sure to note its location since you may need it at actual burning process.

Find a burning program

There are many options for disc-burning programs online, but it's impor importtant to find one that accepts BIN and CUE formats. Since BIN files are less popular than in the past, there are typically only a few options for burning programs that accept these files. You may try Nero or CDRWIN. Once you find a program, you can install it on your computer and run it. This will open a dialog box that prompts you to choose a disc. You can then find and select the blank disc in your disc drive.

Load the BIN/CUE File Onto the Burning Program

After installing a compatible burning program, open it and choose the option to burn. At this point, you’ll be prompted to choose the BIN/CUE file you wish to burn. With most burning programs, you just need to drag and drop the files onto the program’s interface. Depending on the software, it may require either a BIN file, a CUE file, or either of these formats. Locate the BIN or CUE file you want to upload and select it from your list of files. Double-check to make sure you've chosen the correct file to burn on your blank disc.


The burning program you've chosen may give you options like "burn" or "cancel" after you choose a file. Choose the option to "burn" so your computer can start copying the contents of the BIN or CUE file onto your blank disc. Don't eject the disc or choose "cancel" while your disc is burning, otherwise, you may not copy the entire contents of the file to the disc.

Test Your Disc

Once the BIN file is burned onto your disc, you can safely eject it from your computer’s disk drive. You may also reinsert the disc and then right-click to open it and view files. All of the items in the BIN file will now be visible on your computer’s media player.


Sometimes it may happen that you do not have a physical CD drive in your computer. You will need to 'Mount' then. Mounting is a process used to open files stored on a disc or file, making them accessible via Windows file system.

You can open a BIN file by mounting it to a virtual drive software installed on your PC.

Find a virtual drive software

Search online for a virtual drive software that allows you to mount, or attach, your BIN file content to the drive so you can view it. Like MagicISO link given above. Once you find virtual drive software, install it on your device.

Find the CUE File

Most virtual drive software may ask for the CUE file associated with your BIN file before mounting begins. The probably find the CUE file and the corresponding BIN file within the same folder on your computer.

Now "mount"

Your virtual drive may provide you with buttons that say "mount," which you can click to begin mounting your CUE file to the virtual drive and copying the contents as a readable virtual disc. The size of your CUE file will decide the time it takes to finish mounting the file to the drive, and you should not cancel or change your options as the drive mounts your file. Once you complete this process, you can open the virtual disc like a regular physical disc on your device.

how to open bin file


Sometimes the process works better with ISO files, rather than BIN files directly. An ISO file is a version of a BIN file that excludes most original metadata while retaining the most important elements. So you will need to convert the BIN file to ISO file first. With a converter like WINISO. When you have the ISO file, just proceed with either of the above 2 methods.

How To open BIN file in MAC

MAC users can follow all the processes shared above for Windows, seamlessly in their systems.

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