3D Rendering

* Architectural Modeling and Photo-realistic rendering with Vray.

* Interior furniture and full room setup modeling and photo-realistic rendering.

* Character modeling, UV mapping and texturing. For game developers and movie makers.

For Exterior Architecture (Indian Project): ₹15,000- ₹80,000

For Exterior Architecture (Abroad Project): $200- $1200

(Depends on Project's Scale)

For Interior Projects:

₹10,000/ $150 for EACH basic room

Product Animations of 1 to 2 minutes

₹30,000- ₹1 Lakh

$400- $1800

Depends on the final Animation's design and Product's scale


* Product marketing animations, with cutomized 3D modeling of the product.

* Character animations for games & movies.


VFX & Post-Production

* Visual FX for games & movies.
* Compositing.
* Logo animations.

VFX service costing is calculated upon receiving the requirement details

Customers outside India may use the Buy Now link given below, for payments in US$
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